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2017 Members

The following people have valid FLCC membership for 2017. If your name appears here by mistake or if you want to be excluded from it, let us know: info@flcycling.org. The most recent signups are at the top of the list.

Entries with “A” are affiliate members (that is, they are also members of another bike club); “F” denotes family memberships; all others are individual members.

Entries are in order of arrival — if your name isn’t one of the recent ones, find it by using the page search (Ctrl-F). (A few people who signed up at the Black Diamond Trail opening picnic may be missing; let us know.)


  1. Jennifer Mimno — F
  2. Joe Kreitinger — F
  3. Mary Ann Huntley
  4. Andrejs Ozolins
  5. David Mohler — F
  6. Andrew Davis
  7. Natalia Santamaria
  8. Rene Geissler
  9. Mac Greeen — F
  10. William Fischer
  11. Joseph Frontuto — A
  12. Jim VanLeer
  13. Ronda Roaring
  14. Bruce Barber — F
  15. Susan Powell — F
  16. Marjorie Hoffman
  17. Diego Ariass-Fuentes
  18. Ron Knewstub