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Old Touring Seasons

North through the Champlain Islands toward QuebecFLCC tour group heading north through the Champlain Islands toward Quebec’s Eastern Townships.

The Touring Group is a new part of the Finger Lakes Cycling Club that is organizing overnight bike tours for spring and summer 2008. Typically, taking part in one of these tours would involve gathering your belongings in bags, attaching the bags to the bicycle, and riding from campground to campground. In practice, some people tour completely self-supported — they carry their tent, sleeping bag, cooking supplies, and everything else they might need — but other people might carry much less, relying on their credit cards for lodging and food. The FLCC Touring Group will do some fully self-supported touring but various degrees of support will also be available on most trips. For example, someone may want to accompany the cyclists in a van and offer to transport some of the tourists’ belongings in the vehicle.

One of our main interests is to give people who have never done this kind of thing an opportunity to learn about it and try it. There will be some open meetings not only to plan rides but also to answer questions. Anyone who wants to give touring a try but doesn’t have a kit of touring equipment, please come and discuss it with us. We can probably help you adapt what you have to do touring — and we can probably scrounge up some loaner equipment, too.

End of a day at the hostel at Tibbet's Point
Arriving at Tibbett’s Point at the end of our last day of cycling on a trip in nearby Ontario, 2006. (This will be our base for the Memorial Day Weekend Getaway this year.)

For this touring season, we have planned a series of short weekend tours and two week-long tours that feature mostly camping, but some hostel, hotel, or B&B accommodations. All tours will be low cost, with shared group expenses. This is an all volunteer, non-profit activity. Participation in these events is open to everyone, FLCC members and non-members, although membership in the FLCC is strongly encouraged since the FLCC may be subsidizing some of the group camping expenses.

2008 Touring Group Events

May 2, 7:00 pm: General Interest / Organizational Meeting
733 Cliff Street, Ithaca, NY (Ozolins residence)
For further information please contact
Steve Powell <sp35@cornell.edu>
Andrejs Ozolins <aozolins@ithaca.edu>

May 23-26: Cape Vincent Weekend Getaway — spend Memorial Day weekend at Cape Vincent, where Lake Ontario meets the St. Lawrence

  • Stay at hostel for 3 nights (indoors)
  • Day loop rides, choice of 35-75 miles/day
  • Road bike or touring bike is fine
  • No packs/panniers required

June 13-15 and July 25-27: Ithaca Finger Lakes Weekends

  • Great introduction to overnight touring
  • Depart Ithaca Friday afternoon/evening
  • Approximately 40-60 miles/day
  • Camp at State Parks
  • Road bike or touring bike with packs/panniers best
  • Options: Saturday morning start, possible gear transport
The departure shot
The start of the FLCC tour in 2003 — Andrejs Ozolins, Steve Bowman, Chris Ogden, and Steve Grossman. This is our departure shot, leaving from the eastern Adirondacks. In the following week, we rode north along Lake Champlain into the Eastern Townships of Quebec and then back south through Vermont to Ticonderoga. A similar tour is planned for this August.

July 12-21: C&O Canal, Washington, DC to Pittsburgh — a 350-mile tour, mostly camping, some hotels or B&B

  • Some crushed stone or packed dirt surfaces
  • Touring bike with wide tires or mountain bike recommended
  • Bike with packs/panniers required, 40-70 miles/day
  • Carpool to Washington, DC
  • AMTRAK train Pittsburgh to Washington, DC
  • Options: Possible gear transport

August 16-24: Lake Champlain Loop, NY & Vermont — a 250+mile tour, a mix of camping, hotels, B&Bs

  • All paved roads, 40-70 miles/day, 1 rest day
  • Touring bike with packs/panniers best
  • Options: Possible gear transport
  • Non-cycling volunteers with cars needed for all tours
  • Transport gear for cyclists who can not carry all