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Diners, Cafes, Bakeries

Cyclist Friendly Eateries in the Finger Lakes Region

About this page:  Some of us ride for fun and many more of us ride to eat! This page is a somewhat random compilation of our favorite food stops that we’ve come across during the course of our club rides.  Click on the name of the eatery to go to their website.  If you have a suggested addition to this page please email touring@flcycling.org.

Man in the Moon Bake Shoppe and Cafe

  • Location:  East side of Cayuga Lake, King Ferry, Intersection of Rts 34B & 90
  • Favorite Foods:  French toast, pancakes, other breakfast items plus a showcase full of baked goodies.
  • Nearby Club Rides:  The Lansing to Aurora loop goes right by the front steps of this combination bakery and cafe.
  • Special offer for FLCC members:  Buy one cookie ($1.50 value) and a drink and get another cookie (of equal value or less) FREE. Offer expires Sunday, September 1, 2013.

Brookton’s Market

  • Location:  Southeast of Cayuga Lake, 491 Brooktondale Road, Brooktondale
  • Favorite Foods:  Soups, sandwiches, fresh baked goods
  • Nearby Club Rides:  White Church Loop

Cayuga Lake Creamery

  • Location:  Mid-way up the west shore of Cayuga Lake, 8421 Route 89, Interlaken
  • Favorite Foods:  Ice cream, homemade waffle cones, soup, sandwiches, burgers
  • Nearby Club Rides:  Cayuga Lake Loop


Below is a growing map of bike-friendly places to stop on a ride. Many are simply convenience stores, but others are diners or parks with bathrooms. There may be additional information on the stops available if you click on them. Email us if you know of more in the region that should be added.

View Finger Lakes region bike-friendly stops in a larger map