Local & Regional Bike Events


Successful 2016 Young People’s Bike Tour — 5,040 miles!

The FLCC 2016 Young People’s Bike Tour is now history, with a safe and successful weekend event completed June 4-5, 2016.  We rode from Newark, NY to Fairport on Saturday, had a great group dinner, camped out, then returned on Sunday, for a total of 42 biking miles.  For many kids and adults on the […]

On Your Left — Tob de Boer

On May 2, the Ithaca community lost someone extraordinary — Tob de Boer. As a cyclist, I knew only that fraction of his activity and accomplishments; but, Tob was deeply and actively involved in our community in many different ways.

Tob de Boer giving us the early history of the FLCC

(See the obituary […]

The VPs for Youth Cycling

Introductions from the VPs from Youth Cycling

My name is Madeline Turner, and I am one half of the newly instated co-Vice Presidents for Youth Cycling on the FLCC. My first memories of cycling come from riding in a bike seat at the age of two, and then, four years later, pedalling on a tag-along […]

Joint Ride with STBC

Joint Skaneateles Lake Ride with STBC

Mark your calendars for Sunday, June 26, 10:30 AM, for our joint ride with the Southern Tier Bike Club rated C/3/40.  We’ll be going with their start point at the park in Scott, NY, at the southern end of Skaneateles Lake.  We’ll take lunch with STBC at the north […]

IHS Club starts leading rides

We gladly invite you to join us for an IHS Cycling Club-sponsored ride next Sunday, 3/20/16. We are looking forward to working together with the FLCC and learning from the community. Hopefully this will be the beginning of an amazing new partnership. Multiple excited members of the IHS Cycling Club will attend, as well as […]

Greetings from the new president

Greetings from your new club president! I look forward to this challenge, and want to publicly thank Steve Powell for his four years of service as president. Steve has been an excellent communicator and has worked very hard to be inclusive, welcoming and positive. Thank you, Steve, for all you have done to recruit new […]

Ithaca-Dryden Lake Rail Trail Meeting

Reposting of: Town of Dryden  Rail-Trail Steering Committee

When: Wednesday, March 16, 2016, 7:00 p.m. Where: Department of Public Works, Town of Dryden, 61 E. Main St., Dryden (in the old Town Court Room) Continuing from our meetings of last year, resulting in the Cornell Design Connect “Rail Trail Concept Plan—Spring 2015“, let’s work together to make real an unbroken off-road pedestrian / […]

Membership Renewal Time

Sign up for 2016: Membershp

The weather seems to have declared the cycling season open — temps in the 60s and 70s — so we’d better catch up by getting 2016 FLCC memberships squared away. In fact, try to do it before the annual meeting this Sunday; start the year as a card-carrying member in […]

Annual Meeting, Sunday, March 13

FROM: Steven Powell, President


The FLCC annual meeting will be on Sunday, March 13, 5:30-8:15 pm, Rhodes Hall, 3rd floor, room 310, Cornell University, Ithaca. Free parking is available in the Hoy Rd parking garage (next to Schoellkopf Stadium) on Sundays.  This event is open to all interested persons.  (Thank you to Cornell University for providing the […]

Seeking Comments on TC Roads

FLCC’s Advocacy Committee and Bike-Walk Tomkins are meeting with the Tompkins County highway authorities — your input is needed.

Soft shoulder on repaved Farrell Road

This Tuesday, Feb 9th, at 10AM, Bike Walk Tompkins and us are scheduled to meet with Tompkins County Roads Department.  Because Tompkins County Roads Department chiefly determines the cycling environment for […]