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Club jerseys in abundance


Renewed stock of jerseys

Good news: we have a full selection of sizes in the FLCC club jerseys available again. At the Black Diamond Trail celebration a few weeks ago, several people were unable to get a fit, because our stock had been depleted, but a brand new shipment has just arrived from Louis Garneau with more high-quality jerseys. I know it’s a bit late for the cycling season, but a good time to prepare for the future and maybe for gifts. The price, alas, had to go up for this batch — but, at $65 a piece, it’s still a steal for a really high quality garment.

More info and always the correct tally of our inventory is on the “Store” page.
Here’s the inventory as of Nov 3, 2016:

  • XS – 6
  • S —  6
  • M —  10
  • L —   6
  • XL — 6

Give a call/text or email to andrejs@ozolins.com / 607 59 0780 with any questions, requests, comments.

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