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Important update about the Black Diamond Trail celebration on October 2

We are closing in on the Black Diamond Trail celebration, which is happening this Sunday from 12:30-4:30 pm, and anticipate at least one hundred participants. While we were working based on the reassurances from the Finger Lakes regional Parks people that the final surface of the trail would be completed before the event date, I just received word from Fred Bonn (Regional Parks Director) that there is still a fair amount of work to be done regarding the trail surface on the stretch between Cass Park and Glenwood Heights Rd. I have been checking out the trail several times a week to monitor the progress, and currently that stretch has the penultimate crushed stone base layer, which isn’t too fun to ride without a mountain bike or a bike with wider tires.
It is too late to change venues or reschedule, so here are the alternatives for the riding portion of the event from 12:30 to 2:30:
  • bring a mountain bike, cyclocross bike, or other bike with suitably wide tires;
  • park at one of the intersections (Glenwood Heights, Perry City, Garrett, Houghton, Agard, or Kraft roads) or at the terminus (Jacksonville Rd. parking lot) and ride a loop at the finished surface, then drive down and enjoy the party;
  • just come to the party, enjoy the wonderful food and interesting speakers, and defer your ride on the trail until it is completed in a week or two.
I’m very sorry about this wrinkle, however the event’s emphasis has always been to thank everyone involved in bringing the trail to completion. I feel strongly that this event should still take place now rather than the spring, since the finished portions are such a pleasure to ride or run, and there is enough of the trail completed to merit celebration.

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