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Don’t get no respect on the road?

rad-righthookIt has been a while since we have reached out to the general membership looking for YOU to join the FLCC Advocacy Committee.  The Advocacy Committee is your opportunity to improve the roads and trails you ride on, your chance to increase participation of FLCC’s impact on the local community, in short, make a lasting difference in your riding community and experience.

Participation does not entail a large time commitment, just a desire to help out when possible.  Last week, Ithaca City hosted Steve Clark in a bid to become designated a “Bike Friendly Community.”  Armin and I, who were among those present, were encouraged by the continuing desire of Ithaca City’s leaders to attain the first level – Bronze. The FLCC Advocacy Committee is are working with Bike Walk Tompkins. The Dryden Rail Trail is proceeding afoot, promising a friendly manner to travel east.

But all is not as it should be in the area outside of “Ten square miles.”  Some in charge of Tompkins County Roads Department, do not let their own children ride on the roads, “because it is not safe.”  The response to provide a hard shoulder on Warren Road to encourage commuter bike ridership into Cornell, have been met with promises to “push the paving door slightly wider” when the next repaving is scheduled.  When a cyclist was killed outside Borg Warner, the Tompkins County Roads Department ignored identical, separately given advice from Cornell’s expert and our ad hoc FLCC committee, going ahead, approving the present dangerous design without modification as presented by Borg Warner’s consultant.

With your participation, we can have a presence at a few downtown festivals, to increase awareness, teach cycling safety and increase FLCC membership. Increased membership means more engagement on cycling issues. We can “show the flag” at the Tompkins County Road Meetings with more faces.  We can engage the Tompkins County Administrator, Joe Mareane who oversees the Tompkins County Roads Department.

Although I don’t count myself an activist, restructuring the priorities when it comes to road design, paving and signage doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Join us by contact me or Armin.  Don’t curse the pavement, the pickup that just right hooked you, or the absence of “Bikes have right to use full lane” signs.  Do something about it.

Contact us and learn how you can help,
Armin Heurich

Bill Shang

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