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Successful 2016 Young People’s Bike Tour — 5,040 miles!

The FLCC 2016 Young People’s Bike Tour is now history, with a safe and successful weekend event completed June 4-5, 2016.  We rode from Newark, NY to Fairport on Saturday, had a great group dinner, camped out, then returned on Sunday, for a total of 42 biking miles.  IMG_3858 copy 3For many kids and adults on the tour, this was longest they had ever traveled by bike.  We had a huge group of approximately 125 people, which included about 65 kids ranging in age from 4 to 16 years.  Therefore, we jointly traveled by bike over 5,040 miles!  Congratulations to all for a trip well done!  And a big thank you to all the volunteers (nearly a dozen) who staffed the rest stops, lunch stop, dinner & breakfast prep, drove the rental truck, provided crossing guard assistance, plus a myriad of other important functions.  Also thanks to all FLCC members who provide support for this trip in terms of insurance, website hosting, and publicity — the actual tour expenses are paid by trip participants and this year amounted to approximately $35 per person.  We intend to do a similar trip next year, on the first weekend of June, once again in conjunction with National Bike Travel Weekend, an effort led by the national non-profit Adventure Cycling Association.  The FLCC Young People’s Bike Tour was actually the inspiration for National Bike Travel Weekend, which this year included over 900 independently organized bike trips with over 11,900 participants.  2017 should be even bigger and better!



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