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Touring season under way

Shooting the breeze before the meeting

The start of the 2012 bicycle touring season has been officially declared — at the FLCC Touring Group meeting tonight. Held at the West Side venue of Kelly’s Dockside Cafe, the meeting drew about 30 participants from the region including Syracuse, Binghamton, and Elmira. The gathering began with people just connecting and reconnecting with other bike touring enthusiasts. Kelly’s staff (special mention to our server, Kacey) had prepared a great array of appetizers, finger food, and snacks and several attendees also ordered dinner.

Steve Powell describing upcoming tours

Steve Powell, the club’s VP for overnight touring kicked off the more formal part of the evening by presenting a review of what has become one of our most popular events — the Young People’s Tour. Steve gave a summary of last year’s trip and presented his proposal for the 2012 edition — a trip along the Erie Canal from west of Rochester to Lockport and back. The trip is scheduled for June 23-24, 2012.

Steve also gave a sketch of a tour that he is personally involved with as a leader in the Adventure Cycling Association’s tour schedule this year: the Finger Lakes Loop, scheduled for July 1-10. This is a tour that ACA is promoting as its first self-supported offering in our region. It’s a big deal because we’ve never had the reach of such a large organization in promoting bike touring here.It’s not a club trip, of course, but it’s a trip that club members might want to be aware of and, perhaps, do parts of on shorter weekend trips.

Rena describing a tour around DCThe next portion of the meeting was devoted to brief slide shows of tours people have taken in the past year.  We got to glimpse FLCC rides around Ottawa, independent trips in Scottland, organized tours of the DC and Philadelfphia area, a tour circling Lake Champlain, and a loop around southern Florida. (I’ve forgotten some; sorry)

When the presentations were over, people continued to discuss trips and plans for a while before breaking up. It was a wonderful reunion and re-acquaintance of many friends. If even a small part of the resolutions taken tonight are fulfilled, it’s going to be a great bike touring season in the Finger Lakes!

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