Membership Renewal Time

It’s a new year and almost a new cycling season. So, it’s time to renew your FLCC membership. The procedure is the same as last year — except it should work even better. Last year, some people had trouble with our PayPal payment process; well, it’s upgraded so there is now a clear credit card option that doesn’t pull you into PayPal’s clutches. It’s the simplest, most efficient way for us to handle memberships, so please use it for your renewal. Info is on the “Membership” page, (

FLCC Renewal Time

Don’t forget — renew your FLCC membership before the weather gets so good it’s impossible to do anything but ride your bike. Take advantage of the first interval of rain to go to the membership page and click on the Paypal button. No, you really do not need to have a paypal account or sign up for one in order to do this. Any credit card will do, just like with any other on line payment.

FLCC Annual Meeting with Officer Elections — Sunday, March 30

The FLCC annual meeting, with elections, has been scheduled for Sunday evening March 30, starting at 5:30 pm at Kelly’s Dockside Cafe in downtown Ithaca.  The club will provide appetizers and some snacks.  Additional food and drinks will be available for purchase.  RSVP appreciated (but not required) to: <>

The club has some great events and activities planned for 2014, starting with the Hollenbeck’s race in early May, and a slate of overnight bike tours also starting in May.  This is in addition to our regular weekly rides starting when the weather breaks in the spring.  Come to the annual meeting and renew your cycling friendships and come voice your opinion regarding any of the club’s activities and vote for the officers.

Speaking of officers, you may notice below that there are 4 unoccupied positions, so now is a great time for you to serve as an officer.  Nominations can be made by email to <> or at the meeting.  Self-nominations are permitted.  Note: it is perfectly fine to have multiple candidates for officer positions.  These are elections after all!  

Memorial Day Weekend

I’ve had really positive replies to the proposal of a Memorial Day Weekend Getaway in Niagara Falls, Ontario — having our base in the hostel right near the center of that town with rides both along the Niagara River and inland in the Niagara Peninsula. So, I’ve made preliminary arrangements with the hostel for 24 beds, at a cost of about $100 for the weekend (3 nights).

So, I’d like those who are pretty sure they’ll be joining this trip sign up on the FLCC website at Getaway Sign-up. It would be really, really useful to us who are planning this event if you’d sign up. Continue reading →

FLCC Off-Season Bike Touring Get-Together/Dinner/Celebration — Feb 23

**This event has taken place, but you may view the presentation slides at the following link**
To All Finger Lakes Cycling Club Members and Supporters:
It may be cold and snowy now, but the cycling and bike touring season will be here sooner than we think.  Let’s get together for a warm evening of food and fun where we can hear about some of the bike touring adventures that our club members and supporters have experienced over the past cycling season, and dream about new adventures for 2014.  Presentations of up to 10 slides are welcomed.  We can look forward to presentations on bike touring in Texas & Oregon, among other places. Continue reading →

Cascadilla Hill Climb 2013

Alexey and Alina

Alexey and Alina

This was one of those perfect early fall mornings that we remember the Cascadilla Hill Climb for — crisp temperatures early, moderating to around 70F, blue skies and sunshine. Only, this year the leaves were not quite turning, so the usual carpet of yellow on the road was missing. There were many other events going on this morning, so the turnout for the CHC was a bit on the low side — about 18 people. But, even with an overall low turnout, we had a couple family tandem entries and a couple young riders who gave each other a real challenge.

In spite of the competitive nature of the event, today’s participants seemed to enjoy just shooting the breeze around the registration area this morning and Glenn had to chase them away to start the race. In the end, there was an overall winner — David Newcomb. But, as always in the Cascadilla Hill Climb, the day was more about being out with friends than with winning.  Continue reading →

Cyclocross Season is Here!

17225The course is all prepared at the Swandrome and preparations are underway for the big sanctioned race Sunday, September 22. Will you be prepared ? I propose that we begin Thursday night ‘cross practices this week, starting anytime after 5:30, so we don’t interfere with the wind-down of the Tuesday night races or the Women’s rides on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We are open to scheduling other nights as well in order to accommodate other people’s schedules.

Since practices involve many laps of a relatively short course, it is easy to arrive at any time that suits your life demands and jump in or leave as needed. It’s fun for kids too, so for the parents out there you may be able to get credits with the spouse and “watch the kids” while you get to ride/train.

Come on out and give it a try. Get dirty, sweaty, and feel like a kid again riding through the grass and woods with your buddies. Speed is not an issue out here. Just come have some fun. And don’t miss the “most fun race of the season!”

Even if you just come to heckle your friends or see what it’s all about, this is a must see kind of grass roots bike race.

Ride Safe — for discussion

1. As a cyclist your #1 responsibility is to protect your life and be safe.

2. As a cyclist your #2 responsibility is to know the law

3. As a cyclist, your right to the road is equal to that of a motorist’s right to the road

As obvious as these 3 points are, it is interesting to discover that many people, motorists and cyclists alike, lose focus on what these really mean and how we should, as cyclists, conduct ourselves on the road.
Let’s look at the first point:

1. As a cyclist your #1 responsibility is to protect your life and be safe.
This means that your actions and behaviors on the road directly affect your safety. To be unsafe is negligent. You have a responsibility to yourself, your kids, and your family to come home from a ride alive.
There are certain behaviors that I find unacceptable from cyclists that oppose common sense safety judgments:
·         Not wearing helmets
·         Riding against the flow of traffic
·         Failing to signal turns
·         Running stop lights
·         Crossing into the other lane (over the yellow line).
·         Unpredictable riding (sudden swerves, weaving, sudden stops, etc)
·         Oblivious cycling (not being dialed in to the surroundings)
·         Failing to ride in a manner that is consistent with other traffic (using turn lanes).

There are other safety practices that fall more into a grey area because Continue reading →

Wednesday Women’s Road Ride 2013!



The first Wednesday Women’s Road Ride  was a success with 16 women! The two A’s headed out and devised a 30 mile route, the 6 B’s completed the 20 mile route and the 8 C’s finished the 10 mile route asking for more mileage!


Bike Trip Report — FLCC Finger Lakes Weekend #1

IMG_3684Thunderstorms, wind, and dropping temperatures couldn’t stop our group of 10 from having a really fun weekend of bike touring, with a loop tour of about 110 miles in the Finger Lakes.  This was a mostly self-contained tour, where we carried our camping gear and supplies on our bikes, but in addition, Diana Ozolins joined us with her vehicle to graciously carry a few additional items.

Checking the forecast on Friday morning, it called for thunderstorms after 4 pm, precisely our group meeting time in the parking lot of the Cayuga Mall in Ithaca.  Fortunately, the storms held off until later, so first we enjoyed a very sweet tailwind that pushed us to the campground at Fillmore Glen State Park in Moravia.  In fact, the bad weather held off until we had finished a great campsite dinner, prepared by Diana.  Overnight there was a deluge of water which nearly brought down our canopy, and splashed up mud onto our tents.  Pretty sloppy in the campground on Saturday morning, although we managed to sit out almost all of the rain from the inside of a nearby diner (The Gathering in Moravia). Continue reading →