Warren Rd. safety

Ever since a cyclist was killed in traffic coming from the Borg-Warner plant on Warren Rd., many people have been thinking how to modify the two Borg-Warner driveways so that cyclists and pedestrians can have safe passage past those points. The effort has been led by Bill Shang, who lives up there, and several other club members have added their opinions and expertise. I’ll try to provide more info on the chain of discussion on this topic as soon as I can.

I’m posting this here so that we can link to the rather large PDFs sent by John Dennis, showing plans for the intersections — documents way too large to make it on our club email list.

This is John’s letter regarding those images:

At the risk of sowing confusion, I am attaching four images.  The two file names that end in “..by Licht” are the important ones for your consideration and comment.  Rob has replaced the hazardous acceleration ramp with the Stop-signed T-intersection at Warren which allows drivers to look left and right with equal ease before proceeding.
I hadn’t realized there was any rumble stripping entering the bike lane.  If it is still there in these images, I’m sure Rob can address that as well.  I’m forgetting when Bill Shang returns, but perhaps we should aim to share imagery with the County by the end of this week?
Joe, Kyra, & others, please advise whether further edits are needed to Rob’s images. Rob has looked at most of the intersections on Warren and has added the Post Office intersection as an example of a standard T-style intersection which is safer for both cyclists and pedestrians (EXISTING warren rd intersection.pdf).
Borg Warner Exits Plan-2.pdf shows the improvements that Tompkins County has tabled for our review.
Best,   John



pathlineIt’s barely more than a month to Memorial Day weekend and we need a very quick show of hands from those who would want to take part in the annual Memorial Day Weekend Getaway, this year in Montreal, Quebec.

As usual, we would plan to get to Montreal on Friday evening to sleep in the hostel, leaving all of Saturday and Sunday for exploring the city; on Monday there will be the option of one more ride in the morning before heading back home.

Please reply right away if you want to participate — email me: info@flcycling.org. I’ll know by Tuesday, April 21, if the trip is a “go” this year.  The details:

Dates: May 22-25
Montreal, QC
Lodgings: Montreal Hostel (HI)
Type: Bunk dorms (very limited possibility of private double)
Cost: Approx $100/person for weekend (3 nights)
Distance: ~ 300 mi/5 hr by car from Ithaca.

We made this our destination a couple years ago and found ways to deal with a rainy weekend. Even so, we got a lovely ride in during a break in the weather. But, there is a great deal to do in that city besides biking, so I think everyone had a good time. I think we need to go back and experience it in good weather.

Again, please let me know as fast as possible whether you would plan to go. The hostel needs to be booked right away.

Rate the Rides

We’re looking for feedback on the Sunday rides — which ones do you like and want to do again; which ones would you rather never got scheduled again; and what your suggestions are to improve the routes and the rides. Please take the survey. Sorry, it will take a bit of time, but it’s your club and we need to know what you’d like!
(If the survey doesn’t fit your screen, try this direct link: http://aozolins.polldaddy.com/s/flcc-sunday-ride-update)

President in the press

Adventure Cyclist

Adventure Cyclist, March 2015

The current issue of Adventure Cyclist, the magazine of the Adventure Cycling Association (ACA), has a photo including our club president, Steve Powell, in its regular “Letter from the Director”column. The column lays out the whirlwind of activity throughout New York State regarding  bike touring that included a very well-attended event at Cinemopolis in Ithaca on January 27. The ACA director, Jim Sayer, contributed to the Ithaca event and Steve was also involved with some of the other events in New York City and Saratoga. The upshot is that a lot is happening these days with regard to popularizing the use of bicycles, and touring is getting a huge boost in the process. And our club president is taking an active role in supporting and extending ACA activities. To follow these issues, visit the ACA website and consider becoming an ACA member (members get that magazine).

FLCC Annual Meeting

FLCC Annual Meeting — Sunday, March 29, 5:30-8:15 pm

A social hour (with food), followed by a special speaker, and then the club’s annual business meeting including officer elections.  The club will supply pizza, drinks, plates, and utensils.  If you would like to bring a salad, side dish, or dessert to share, that would be great, but it is not required.  RSVP appreciated to: <info@flcycling.org> so we can order enough pizza.
Special Speaker — Jim Reed — Q&A on N.Y. Bike Law  
(FYI, Amelia Habicht’s presentation has been postponed to a future date)
Jim Reed is with the Ziff Law Firm in Elmira and will make a presentation and then conduct a Q&A on N.Y. bike law.  Jim will also describe his affiliation with BikeLaw.com which is a nationwide network of bike lawyers.  BikeLaw.com just officially partnered with the League of American Bicyclists, and will be playing a much more significant role in the bike advocacy movement.  It’s a real treat to have a bike law expert on hand and we all look forward to his presentation — bring your bike law questions with you.
The club has some great events and activities planned for 2015, starting with the Hollenbeck’s race in early May, and a slate of overnight bike tours also starting in May.  This is in addition to our regular weekly rides starting when the weather breaks in the spring.  Come to the annual meeting and renew your cycling friendships and come voice your opinion regarding any of the club’s activities and vote for the officers.
Speaking of officers, you may notice below that there are several unoccupied positions, so now is a great time for you to serve as an officer.  Nominations can be made by email to <president@flcycling.org> or at the meeting.  Self-nominations are permitted.  Note: it is perfectly fine to have multiple candidates for officer positions.
If you are not yet an FLCC member then you are encouraged to attend and meet some of the officers and club members that are passionate about cycling.  And a reminder to all members that now is time to renew your membership for 2015.  Your membership fee helps support local races, tours, group rides, youth events, charity sponsorships, the club website, club insurance, plus other cycling related activities.  The renewal process is very easy and can be done online.  Just go to:

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FLCC membership renewal time!

It’s the season to renew your FLCC membership. Take a minute and do it right away — use any credit card.

Name(s) to show on card(s)

More details are available on the Membership page. If some question or problem is impeding your doing this, please contact info@flcycling.org and we’ll resolve it.

Off-Season Touring Event

biketourcampOff-Season Bike Touring Get- Together/ Dinner/ Celebration

Tuesday, January 27 — This is an informal evening of food and fun where we can hear about some of the bike touring adventures that our club members and supporters have experienced over the past cycling season, and dream about new adventures for 2015.  Presentations of up to 10 slides are welcomed (please email your photos in advance, see below for email address).

**PLUS** A Special Presentation by Adventure Cycling Association’s Executive Director Jim Sayer:
Learn the latest about bike travel and cycling advocacy in North America — including Adventure Cycling’s work on a new Bicycle Route 66, the brand new Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route, and the U.S. Bicycle Route System.

Adventure Cycling Association is a nonprofit organization, with a mission to inspire and empower people to travel by bicycle.  Established in 1973 as Bikecentennial, they are the premier bicycle-travel organization in North America with more than 47,000 members.  They research and produce cycling maps for the Adventure Cycling Route Network, one of the largest cycling route networks in the world at 42,180 miles and growing. They are also the lead organization working to create an official U.S. cycling route network, the U.S. Bicycle Route System. Once complete, it will be the largest official cycling route network on the planet.

This will be a fun occasion.  Whether you’re just curious about bike touring and want to learn more, or you’re already a seasoned traveler, let’s get together to exchange stories and get inspired for next year’s prime cycling season! Continue reading →

Cascadilla Hill Climb 2014

It was a beautiful day for the longstanding FLCC tradition.  The Gimme coffee, the CTB cookies, the sunshine & camaraderie couldn’t be better.  This year the Stroock family dominated the brackets while Glenn won the grudge match.

There were racers from as far as Elmira and as close as the Cascadilla neighborhood this year.  Thanks to all the participants for making it such a fun event.  Thanks also to Andrejs, Steve & Glenn for advertising, organizing, set-up, clean-up and for keeping the Hill Climb part of Ithaca lore.


Owego to Lake Ontario loop

UPDATE: There are a few changes to the route — download new cue sheets.  Please let me know if you are joining me as I need to arrange for parking at the start.  Call me at 607-648-6081 with any questions.  –Dick Porterfield

I will be doing a local bike tour the week of July 21 to 25 and would like to invite any and all to join me.  This tour will be minimally planned, we will not make reservations, there will be no sag or sweep riders, and each rider will be responsible for their own bail out should they need to discontinue the ride. We will work out contingencies on the fly as necessary.

The only thing set in stone is that we will plan on a meal and beverages on the deck at the Pleasant Beach Hotel as we watch the sun set over Little Sodus Bay.

Departure will be from Owego, and hopefully will camp at Fillmore Glen SP, Fair Haven SP, Verona Beach SP, again at Fillmore.
Meals will be up to the individuals,  The only group costs will be for the campsites, I would plan on $10 per day.
Daily mileage will range from 50 to a little over 70.  I will have suggested route sheets but everyone is encouraged to ride at your own pace and vary the route if desired.
Let me know if you are interested.
Dick Porterfield

FLCC’s 2014 Young People’s Tour successfully completed!

DSC06765 copyUnbelievably nice weather, a highly motivated bike touring group of 118 people including 58 kids ages 5 to 18, and a dedicated volunteer crew of 16 people all added up to a wonderful bicycling weekend along 30 miles of beautiful trail along PA’s Pine Creek.  Everyone should be really proud of cycling the 60 total miles of crushed-stone trail and for consuming vast quantities of granola bars, Gatorade, salad, mac & cheese, watermelon, and BBQ chicken!

Tour photos can be viewed at: http://tinyurl.com/2014photosYPT

We had a safe trip with just a few minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises, and relatively few mechanical issues, too, with only a handful of flats.  As the tour event organizer, it was really heartening to see people helping each other repair flats along the trail, and helping with the campground meals and cleanup seemingly spontaneously.  Truly a group cooperative spirit reined for the entire weekend.  Volunteers from all of the families on the tour pitched-in at key times and I thank each and every one of you very much.

Finally, I must single out our Master Chef Doug Dylla for coordinating all of the meals and preparing much of the food, and Ted Caldwell and Marne Einarson for handling the tour signups and registration process among several other responsibilities, and the 13 additional people who volunteered for one day (and in some cases both days) to staff the rest & lunch stops, drive support vehicles, bicycle “sweep”, and help prepare the food.  My heartfelt thanks goes out to all of you:

Judy Chamberlain, Neil Clifford, Paul Clifford, Rob Ferguson, Jim McKenna, Holly Monkman, Paul Monkman, Andrew Moore, Brendan O’Brien, Dick Porterfield, Jill Powell, and Anna Raphaelidis.

Have a great summer everyone!  I hope to see you on a club ride or tour soon.

Steven Powell
2014 Young People’s Tour, organizer & FLCC President