Owego to Lake Ontario loop

UPDATE: There are a few changes to the route — download new cue sheets.  Please let me know if you are joining me as I need to arrange for parking at the start.  Call me at 607-648-6081 with any questions.  –Dick Porterfield

I will be doing a local bike tour the week of July 21 to 25 and would like to invite any and all to join me.  This tour will be minimally planned, we will not make reservations, there will be no sag or sweep riders, and each rider will be responsible for their own bail out should they need to discontinue the ride. We will work out contingencies on the fly as necessary.

The only thing set in stone is that we will plan on a meal and beverages on the deck at the Pleasant Beach Hotel as we watch the sun set over Little Sodus Bay.

Departure will be from Owego, and hopefully will camp at Fillmore Glen SP, Fair Haven SP, Verona Beach SP, again at Fillmore.
Meals will be up to the individuals,  The only group costs will be for the campsites, I would plan on $10 per day.
Daily mileage will range from 50 to a little over 70.  I will have suggested route sheets but everyone is encouraged to ride at your own pace and vary the route if desired.
Let me know if you are interested.
Dick Porterfield

FLCC’s 2014 Young People’s Tour successfully completed!

DSC06765 copyUnbelievably nice weather, a highly motivated bike touring group of 118 people including 58 kids ages 5 to 18, and a dedicated volunteer crew of 16 people all added up to a wonderful bicycling weekend along 30 miles of beautiful trail along PA’s Pine Creek.  Everyone should be really proud of cycling the 60 total miles of crushed-stone trail and for consuming vast quantities of granola bars, Gatorade, salad, mac & cheese, watermelon, and BBQ chicken!

Tour photos can be viewed at: http://tinyurl.com/2014photosYPT

We had a safe trip with just a few minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises, and relatively few mechanical issues, too, with only a handful of flats.  As the tour event organizer, it was really heartening to see people helping each other repair flats along the trail, and helping with the campground meals and cleanup seemingly spontaneously.  Truly a group cooperative spirit reined for the entire weekend.  Volunteers from all of the families on the tour pitched-in at key times and I thank each and every one of you very much.

Finally, I must single out our Master Chef Doug Dylla for coordinating all of the meals and preparing much of the food, and Ted Caldwell and Marne Einarson for handling the tour signups and registration process among several other responsibilities, and the 13 additional people who volunteered for one day (and in some cases both days) to staff the rest & lunch stops, drive support vehicles, bicycle “sweep”, and help prepare the food.  My heartfelt thanks goes out to all of you:

Judy Chamberlain, Neil Clifford, Paul Clifford, Rob Ferguson, Jim McKenna, Holly Monkman, Paul Monkman, Andrew Moore, Brendan O’Brien, Dick Porterfield, Jill Powell, and Anna Raphaelidis.

Have a great summer everyone!  I hope to see you on a club ride or tour soon.

Steven Powell
2014 Young People’s Tour, organizer & FLCC President

Young People’s Tour — final

Only days before the start of our bike tour!  This message will provide some important updated information for FLCC’s Young People’s Bike Tour on June 21-22, 2014.
A great many things have been happening in the past few weeks, with several of us taking an advance trip to the Pine Creek Trail to confirm all of final arrangements and the trail conditions.  I’m happy to report that everything is a “GO” for our tour! This message summarises some of the details participants need to know.

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First Weekend Tour 2014

Finger Lakes Weekend Self-Contained Tour — June 13-15, 2014
Note that the dates for this tour have been changed from May 16-18 to June 13-15 due to unforeseen family obligations.

Trip Description Overview

This is a simple self-contained bike tour that starts and ends in Ithaca, from late Friday afternoon June 13 to mid-Sunday afternoon June 15. It’s a great opportunity to sample what self-contained touring is all about and learn how to carry your gear using packs, racks, panniers and small trailers. This trip is for both beginning and experienced bike tourists, as any ride in the Finger Lakes will have its share of hills. But the mileage is quite reasonable (see below) and the scenery spectacular, so jump right in and join us on this trip! Continue reading →

Signup for 6th Annual FLCC Young People’s Bike Tour — June 21-22, 2014

Announcing the opening of sign-ups for the June 21-22, 2014 weekend bike tour along along the car-free Pine Creek rail-trail, organized by the FLCC Touring Group.  Its the 6th Annual FLCC Young People’s Bike Tour!

**Update May 16, 2014** We’ve had an overwhelming response to the call 2 weeks ago for signups for FLCC’s 2014 Young People’s Bike Tour, and therefore have decided to stop accepting additional signups.  We have 90 people confirmed for the tour and about 20 people on the waiting list.  We are currently discussing dinner arrangements with several companies to provide catering for our very large group.  Once those arrangements are locked down, we are hopeful that we can accept everyone on the waiting list, and we will contact directly those families to confirm their status. Thank you to all the family members, family volunteers, and adult volunteers that have signed up, and we look forward to a great weekend tour on June 21-22, 2014.

This trip is especially for kids, teens, families, and adult chaperones.  Last year’s participants included 48 kids ages 5-17 and 53 adults, and we biked along the Erie Canal towpath trail near Rochester.  This year we head south to the beautiful Pine Creek rail-trail, starting near Wellsboro, PA, where we will travel 30 miles of the most stunning section of this trail (60 total miles for the weekend).  For those who have gone on previous tours, we will follow the same route as we used in 2011.

This is a great opportunity for first-time bike tourists and campers to experience the fun and utility of bike touring.  We will drive to Wellsboro early on Saturday morning, and then bike along the Pine Creek trail to the campground in Cedar Run where we will share a group dinner.  We have a beautiful creek-side group campsite reserved at a campground with showers, toilets, etc.  There should be plenty of time on Saturday to stop at the nearby General Store for ice cream before dinner and perhaps even take a dip in the Pine Creek.  On Sunday we will bike back to Wellsboro, and then drive back to Ithaca, returning Sunday mid/late afternoon.  Carpooling from Ithaca to Wellsboro is encouraged, and we can help facilitate this.

Full details.